What’s with this blog?

The best health professionals I’ve worked with have understood the quandary between the textbook and the real world.  They have given me advice, made recommendations, but then have looked to me and said, “Ultimately, it’s your body.  Your diabetes.  You are going to know what works and doesn’t work for you.”  I love those people.  They have empowered me, removed the guilt, and given me the tools and information I need to succeed.

That is what I want for this blog.  A place where I can share another side of dealing with diabetes.  Where I can share my unique perspective as an EMT and as a person who has learned to live with this disease every day.  I will share experiences, advice, recommendations, and perspectives on various diabetes related topics.  Hopefully I will give useful information, the kind of information that helps people make decisions.

Understand, while I am a health professional, I am in no way certified to give medical advice on diabetes.  Everything I say is my opinion or the opinion of the person I am referring too.  Anything major should be a question for you and your doctor to discuss.

What I would encourage though, is to ask the questions.  If your doctors are any good they will be willing to discuss your concerns with you.

I excited to share my experiences and hopefully help and encourage other diabetics like me!


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