Low Snack Rut

Can we take a moment to talk about the evil necessity that is low snacks? (Is? Are?)

How ’bout, more specifically, the horribleness of the “snack ruts” we inevitably get into?  Practicality dictates that when we require something often we streamline whatever that something is.  When it comes to lows, that streamlining occurs in the food we reach for and by default, buy.  In bulk.

However, this leads to “snack ruts” when treating lows.  You know… that moment when you realize you’d rather be low than force another Skittle, gummy, glucose tab, or chocolate-covered pomegranate seed down your gullet.

I cannot be the only one who has fought swelling nausea as they gulped down that life-saving piece of carb.  One of the things I will always detest about diabetes is that moment when you realize you MUST eat.  No bargaining or wheedling can remove the simple truth that without some form of carbs, you will end up in the back of an ambulance with an IV.  Trust me, being forced to eat something most people would consider a pleasure is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I have been through many different lows snacks in my quest to find something rut-proof. No such luck.

Skittles were the first to fall hard.  Initially they were convenient and came in nice little individual-serve bags which were easy to throw in bags and pockets alike.  They didn’t melt and were readily available.  And I liked them. Emphasis on the past tense.  Even now with the nausea reflex long gone, I am hard pressed to pick them out of the colorful array of candy.

Various varieties of gummies, Special K bars, peanut M&Ms, chocolate-covered whatzits, and even fruit leather (?) have all gone through the ups and downs of being my low snack.  Now, as I sit here forcing another thing of Target gummies down my throat, I realize, we are weird.

If I were to hashtag it would be, #nooneunderstandsdiabetics #diabeticproblems #gummiesarenotthatgreat #ijustatereally

Just another thought from yours truly.


One response to “Low Snack Rut

  1. You hit the nail on the head! I am always on the hunt for something new and hoping it is something that is “rut proof”! Let me know if you ever find such a thing 🙂

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