My Almost Review of the Tandem t:slim. (now part 1)

I believe I give myself entirely too much credit when it comes to how other people view me.  I mean, here I am thinking, ‘Well my first post back has to be spectacular because people have missed me and to reward them for their diligent, albeit, fruitless blog watching…I need to wow them.’  Chances are however, that you didn’t actually spend these last two months wondering where I was or what I was up to in my life.  That’s okay, I didn’t really think about you either, except on the odd day I came to WordPress to check my sad site stats.

On to the Almost Review!

Okay, so news flash, I got a Tandem!  Basically the iPhone 5S of insulin pumps, except with this baby you’re not outdated in another six months.  Now, I am not going to do a play by play of the pump.  There are plenty of lovely reviews, YouTube videos, and blog posts analyzing and breaking down every technical aspect of the pump you would ever want to know.  I wanted to address another perspective on the pump…mine.  And let you know my thoughts on why I switched, would I stay, and is it really all that better?

Why Did I Switch?

I started this process back in January of kicking around the idea of switching to a Tandem from a Medtronic.  Funnily enough my Mom was the one who really pushed the idea when she heard about the horrible defects in pumps that could potentially result in the entirety of the reservoir being pushed into your body…all at once.  With that lovely thought in my mind, I decided to go through the process.  I have been pumping for almost nine years now and I am a Medtronic girl.  Really, I have never had any other pumping system.  I love my Medtronic, it’s a work horse that I can push to within an inch of its life.  I never needed anything else, I was content.  So when the Tandem came out, it was the first time I thought I might actually brave all the hassle of getting a brand new pump.  But I didn’t switch because I was tired or frustrated with my Minimed.  I think that’s important.

A big, big, main reason I switched was my job.  I am now working at a job that results in me living two very different diabetic lives.  One life involves all my normal parameters, the other is this crazy mess of adrenaline, stress, and inconsistent eating habits.  Because of that I needed the ability to switch easily between different multiple settings on my pump.  If you own a Medtronic you know how tedious switching multiple settings can be…try doing that twice a day, every day and not forgetting one.  Exactly.  The Tandem helps eliminate that hassle by grouping all the settings by time, and only time.  For every time block you have to set each setting.  So I can group all the settings I want for when I work together, and then simply press a couple of buttons (well actually a lot, but we’ll get to that later) and everything is changed for as long as I need it.

9_21_2013 11_36_15 AM_jpg (1)

I know, I called the profile “Lifesaver” but in my defense it is two-fold.  I didn’t want it just named “Work” blah, how boring is that?  And it really does and will save my life.  Without these little guys I would not be able to do my job.  So big plus to Tandem for that feature.

Well, that topic went longer than I thought, so I think we’ll break this up!

Part Two tomorrow!



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