TST — Dude, where’s my insulin?

I don’t know how many people will remember the movie I stole my title from…I’m pretty sure it starred Ashton Kutcher, like, young, pre-Demi Ashton.  Anyway, off track.  Where did my insulin go?  Or, more accurately, where did my need for insulin go?

Can I just take this moment and love on my CGM for a bit?  Really, this thing is the bomb-diggity and I couldn’t do any of this without it.  Seriously.  I can’t even comprehend the mess I would be in without the Dexcom.

Okay, moving on.  After the first day of training I quickly learned my body’s response to this new situation.  Low.  All the freakin time.  I mean, okay, that’s to be somewhat expected considering the increased activity level and need for awareness, but really?!  My SIL (sister-in-law) is also a diabetic and her body’s response to stress is, “Release the glucagon!!!”  No really, sends her skyhigh.  Of course my body is different.  I don’t know about weird, but definitely different.  It drives it down, like hard-core.  Adrenaline sends it up, as per protocol.  But that place of heightened awareness and mild to moderate stress?  Like a slippery slope of ice.

Interesting, eh?  I thought so…So, my response, of course, is to slash my basal.  Let’s drop to 75%.  Nope.  Okay, fine…50%.  Well, it’s steady until I bolus.  Ahh, let’s increase my ratio.  Two carbs?  Three!  Hmm, okay bump it up four carbs per unit.  Sheez…and I am just now considering reducing my correction factor!

I would have pictures but today was particularly hard (I had to eat THREE bags of gummy bears — 33g each), and I am exhausted.  It has been interesting though the different effects the job has on me.  Mostly it drives me down, down, down, but I am appreciative of this time of tweaking before it becomes a life or death situation.

My body really likes stress, it puts that insulin to work overtime!


One response to “TST — Dude, where’s my insulin?

  1. Aww, good luck finding good levels for your insulin! I don’t like low blood sugars but if you are in a stressful job, I wouldn’t mind the low over the high. I’m like your S-i-L, my blood sugar goes high under stress which then makes me even MORE tired-no fun.

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