Update Galore.

Basically, my life is slammed busy right now.  Like, exhausted-all-I-want-to-do-is-sleep busy.  So, yes, I am not even counting how many weeks I missed.  It’s too depressing.  Now, to keep up some posts, I going to write about some of the things that have been happening!  I am not going to try and squeeze them all into one post because 1) I am too lazy and 2) I want to get a couple of posts out of of the information.

This post is about work updates.  Yay!

I have a job.  A real job.  And I am getting paid for it.  The last two weeks I have been in training as a Wheelchair Van Driver for AMR in Colorado Springs.  It is technically an EMT position even though I am not actually cleared to provide medical care.  The reason they want their wheelchair drivers to be EMTs is they expect everyone to eventually transition to the 911 service.  These first two weeks I have worked 90 hours, hence the exhausted-ness.  Starting today I work an eight-hour shift five days a week.

This actually is a fascinating job.  I have the opportunity to learn the city without the pressure of 911, and I get a good idea of where all the major hospitals are (there are only four-ish).  Basically my job is two-fold.  One part of the job is transporting wheelchair-bound patients to various clinics, hospitals, and private residences.  These transports are usually scheduled before hand by the patients or the facilities.  The other part of the job is secure van.  On a secure van call I transport patients who are on intoxication or suicidal-intent holds to either detox or psychiatric clinics.  They are ambulatory and ride in the very back behind a metal cage in the van.  Secure vans are the spice of the job because you’re never quite sure what you are going to be transporting.  Most of the time they are quiet and cooperative, but you have to be careful and always be watching for changes in demeanor which could signal violent or abnormal behavior.

I am excited to start working in the job and getting more training that allows me to do more and more.  Eventually I do plan to do 911, but I want to make sure I am comfortable with the city and company.  So far I enjoy the people I work with and my supervisors which makes a HUGE difference.

I am excited!  This is going to be fun!

Next Post:  What is my diabetes doing with an entirely new situation?!


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