TST — A little late and a lot to cover…

Hiiiiiii…yes, I know I missed last week’s Talk Story Tuesday.

Bad llama…

I was, however, enjoying some much-needed time with the family and niece and nephew (they are so cute!!).  So you must forgive me.

Right now my brother and sister-in-law are visiting as they move to a new place.  It’s been great to reconnect with them, especially my sister-in-law who is also a T1d (MDI)!  One of the things I’ve been wanting to do recently is a round of basal testing.  The idea is that you eat no carbs for a twenty-four hour period and you check consistently to get an idea of how well your basal rates are handling your BG without the added stress of carbs.  Well, with two T1ds in the house we decided it would be the best time to tag-team it and have some fun.  So our house basically went completely carb-free for a whole day (we were joined by my mother and by my brother — gotta love family support!).  Anyway, suffice to say I’m crazy and I think my body and needs are currently changing.  It was more difficult than I imagined, but also fascinating.

This is a quick summary of the day — I took pictures (I currently don’t have the camera to download them) so I am planning on doing a more detailed post later.

A couple of things…

1.  We eat a lot of carbs.  It’s true.  After the day was through we ended up eating at a burger joint and my body revolted against the sudden ingest of carbs — I was bloated the rest of the day, yay.  Not eating carbs was a unique experience.  One I couldn’t do so religiously but something to definitely think about.

2.  I control a lot of my diabetes through eating.  It surprised me the lack of control I felt when I wasn’t bolusing for food.  I do most of my adjustments when I bolus.  Interesting…

3.  I really need to do it for more than one day.  One occurrence is just that — more than one is a pattern.  I felt one day was not sufficient to really see those patterns needed to adjust.  I am just not sure how to accomplish more than one day.

These were just three of the things I noticed.  As I haven’t had the chance to really sit down and go over the numbers we have yet to determine anything more scientific.

Oh, my sister-in-law, who is on injections, is perfect.  Quite lovely really.  Her numbers went above 150 once in the entire day.  Mine hit 250 before I had to bolus to correct. (I know that’s supposed to end the test, but I cheated…I did go longer the following morning to compensate)

Another funny thing I’ve been noticing are some stubborn highs.  Normally my BG will spike after food and then come right back down, there are hardly any lingering highs…Except the last couple of days, I’ve had stubborn highs after breakfast and dinner.  Numbers staying around 230-ish for 3-1/2 to 4 hours.  With a CGM this feels like for-ever.  (I also was hitting the end of my pump site so this may just be the start of absorption issues — which I have been able to avoid as of yet)  I might adjust in the morning as I noticed the starting of what is referred to as the “dawn phenomenon” (except mine hits around 7:30 – 8, not exactly dawn-ish) where my BG will just creep up without carbs.  Usually I control this with a bolus for breakfast, but sometimes it is not enough.

Lots and lots of changes I feel like.  I am frustrated that I seem to be reacting to numbers instead of controlling them.  But patience is the name of this numbers game.

Some things are happening on the job front.  Yay!  Hopefully by this time next week I will have a job offer!


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