Talk Story Tuesday — Exhaustion and New Experiences

If you’re reading this right now, it means the scheduled post-thingy worked and I am already hard at work with the Red Cross.

But, as I write this it is Monday night and I am tired.  Bone-tired.  And my site hurts because it was a bad insertion.  But I am too lazy to change it right now.

I am constantly amazed at the level of exhaustion you can achieve without doing anything physical.  It’s a mental fatigue that sucks all the energy out till you stare at the wall in utter hopelessness.

That’s me right now.  Except the wall is a computer screen.  A computer screen on which the last two sentences took about five minutes to write.

Wow.  This is getting really depressing.  Okay, moving on.  Red Cross you say?  I do.  I do say…

The last four days I have been volunteering at the Red Cross headquarters in Colorado Springs for what is now known as, “Disaster Response — Colorado Wildfires”  (Well, it’s not actually known as that, but the official name is bunch of numbers and acronyms I don’t want to go into right now)

What have I been doing?

Ahh, that’s the good part!  I have actually been working as an EMT!  Yay!  My job, along with three other nurses, is to make sure the Red Cross staff is healthy and well.  We’re called Staff Health & Wellness (original, I know).  And it has been a really good experience, not to mention really good experience in general.  I’ve taken a few BPs, a couple of pulses, assessed a few people, passed out a bunch of water, and argued with my supervisor about having some form of quick acting sugar in our little room.  Aside from checking on Red Cross field distribution sites I’ve also just sat around.  A lot.  You just don’t get a lot of action in a headquarters.  Now, when the turned they AC off, that got exciting.

But it has been an interesting experiment in how to handle my BG in a work environment.  I like keeping things a tad elevated.  My goal is sort of 120 to 150ish.  The CGM makes threading that needle a little easier.  I really do appreciate it.  And it’s really simple to just pop it in the pocket of my super-stylish Red Cross vest and forget about it till I need to check it.  It’s way simpler that carrying the whole BG meter kit and caboodle.  Now, I don’t ever take it’s word as law because it has shown me over the last three days that it can be off.  Quite a bit.  But when it’s low, I’m low.  I can seem to count on that.

Now I am just babbling (can you babble without sound?).  I just wanted to surface and give an update as to why I have been completely absent the last couple of days!

I still am working the ADA Camp which starts this Friday.  I am at the Red Cross till Wednesday, then I have a day to turn around and get my crap together for the camp.  I am going to be exhausted when the camp finishes up, you can be sure of that.


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