Overnight Shelter Tales

I am going to start this post by saying I really wish I had gotten a picture of me in my Red Cross Disaster Relief vest.  It’s pretty sweet looking.  If I do say so myself…

So, after the events in the last post update.  I received a call from Red Cross about staffing a shelter overnight.  I agreed and went to the local chapter to pickup a badge and vest and chat with the shelter coordinator about shift times.  We landed on Friday overnight from 8a-8p — a twelve hour shift (for those of you who need clarification).  This was supposed to sort of act as a pseudo-training for as, like I said, I have yet to receive any official training.

I knew overnight would be tricky for the old ‘betes as my number trends very slowly downward overnight anyway (usually dropping me at 60-70 when I wake up).  The increased activity and the fact I wouldn’t receive any REM sleep would impact my numbers pretty drastically (REM sleep does do weird things sometimes!)

CGM Capture RC

Oh, I didn’t know the half of it.  I have got to get a better handle on this overnight thing!  Earlier in the evening I ate a pretty carb-heavy dinner at Olive Garden, for which I under-bolused just a little.  Not enough apparently.  I was low for about two hours and 75 carbs!  I met the very nice nurses who were there when I went looking for icing or honey or something quicker acting than the 60 carbs of Reese’s Pieces and chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds.  I think ultimately it helped the most when I just sat still and chatted with them as I waited for my number to go up,  We chatted about the CGM (they’d never seen one) and how it works (it’s nice talking to people who understand the terms “interstitial fluid” and “glucometer” and even “diabetes” and “low”).  Of course, my number shoots back up, laughing at my attempts to control it.  It was up and down all night.  Me trying to adjust and be proactive and my body just laughing at me.  I think overall I was suspended for a good three hours of the shift, just trying to compensate.

I can’t tell you how valuable the CGM was.  Oh my goodness.  Such a great thing, especially because it was tracking spot on last night!  I didn’t have to carry about my meter and the alerts worked well.  More than once after the stubborn-low-from-hell, I preempted other such lows just by checking the receiver and countering with food.

Overall a great experience.  Got to meet to awesome, dedicated, passionate people!  Let me tell you, our local Red Cross volunteers are good ‘uns.

House update:  I am writing this post from my well-worn, end spot on my couch!  The mandatory evacuation for my area was lifted last night before I went on shift and we were allowed to return to our home.  I am so grateful to the firefighters who held the line just west of us (the fire burned to the road…).  But right now, the lost count for homes is 473.  In four days.  I can’t even comprehend that number right now.  I am just thankful to be home and I grieve for those who will never have that feeling.  This was my Facebook update this morning…

FB Status


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