Talk Story Tuesday — Kids, Stickers, and Numbers

This week has been a little crazy with school (finals) so I apologize to my two or three daily looky-loos for not having much new information.

It’s Talk Story Tuesday!  So let’s talk.  About numbers.  Information, if you will.  And the insanity that is a Dexcom download.  Oh yes.

CGM Capture

Fun, isn’t it?  It looks like they let some crazy two-year old lose with a bunch of stickers!  I am not sure why they consider this graph helpful…I get nothing.  I get an overall impression that my numbers may or may not be somewhat in range…part of the time.  That’s helpful I’m sure.

CGM Capture 2

This one’s good too.  As far as I can tell, it shows the same information as the last one, but all spread out, end to end.  Seems like a lot of lows to me, but hey, what do I know?

I am finding I need to set some boundaries with Mr. G.  Parts of my personality when combined with his…”talents” do not lend themselves to peace of mind or tranquility.  The exact opposite.  I am a perfectionist and a control freak.  I can turn it off, choose to ignore it, but it’s difficult when you have Mr. Minute-by-Minute over here telling me exactly what’s going.  I struggle with the idea that I have all this information, but…I. Can’t. Control. It.  Not really.  The more you try to control it the more screwed up you tend to get.  I need to find my Zen in letting my body do what it’s doing.

Numbers.  We live on numbers.  They feed us, sustain us, and keep us alive.  BG number, CGM number, carb count, insulin ratio, correction ratio, etc.  The list goes on.  A CGM provides a lot of numbers.  And it can be overwhelming.  So let’s look at a calmer infograph.

CGM Capture 3

Ahh, this is nice.  But again, I’m not sure it tells the whole story.  I personally feel like I am going low a lot, but accordingly to Mr. G over here, that’s not the case.  Hmm, how do we reconcile this?  This deviance between man and machine.

I have no idea.  This is all brand new to me, so don’t look at me.  I just know I need to start making some changes.  Maybe to my ratio?  Basal?

This is the problem I had with A1cs.  They were great, but they didn’t tell the whole story.  I don’t like my control right now, too many lows.

Numbers…sometimes I hate having more of them in my life.



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