Diabetic Spotting

Are you a professional diabetic spotter?

I am.

I can spot the signs a mile away. Well, a mile might be exaggerating a bit, but at least in the normal range of human sight.

The tell tale tubing, odd lumps, waist bands heavy with the weight of devices.  Oh yes, I see you.  Can you see me?  Probably not, not today.  With my long cardigan and jeans, the only visible sign might be the lump on my thigh.  And that would only be spotted by fellow CGMers. Hmm, is that a thing?  Did I just join a thing?  The CGMers…I like it.

But I see you and my pulse quickens.  Should I say something?  I don’t.  It’s awkward, like calling someone out on their cancer in front of everybody.  I keep my respectful silence, let them break the ice.  But they don’t see me.  I mean, they see me, just not the signs of a fellow pumper.  I hide it well.  Not on purpose, but with the ease of wearing something for years and no longer thinking about it.  I check in front of people all the time.  But like John, they see much but observe very little.

We go our separate ways.  Me, beaming with my little secret, him…I don’t know, we never talked.

Diabetic spotting.  The awareness that only comes with personal experience.  The ability to observe specific things that leap out at you so sharply, but to others?  Simply apart of the 93% of what they sense but are not aware of.

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One response to “Diabetic Spotting

  1. It is awkward – how do you approach someone (if at all) and what do you say? Others aren’t quite as open about their diabetes as I am.

    It’s also part of the reason I began wearing my pump visibly rather than concealed, so I can be spotted too (the other reason is that the cloth cell-phone cases I used to use to “hide” it kept tearing)

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