Talk Story Tuesday — Just One of Those Days.

I really don’t have those days/weeks very often.  Where I feel all I do is wrapped up in handling my diabetes.  Where I am hype-aware of how everything effects me, to the point I begin to see causes that probably are not there.  That has been this week.  And I blame this guy.


So that abrupt dive and then odd jump back up early in the night was not a calibration — it was Little G sending me diving unnecessarily and then Big G slapping it back up. At least I like to think so…maybe it was how I was sleeping?

I do!  I really do.  He has made me hyper-aware and I don’t like it.  He’s had some calibration issues and that hasn’t built the trust up very well.  I have had two or three calibrations where the number was within 5-10 points, all the others have been at crappy times where my BG was ridiculously un-stable.  My BG numbers through my meter haven’t necessarily been bad, I probably would think nothing of the last couple of days if it weren’t for the craziness that is the CGM.

I’m not ready to give it up yet, but so far it has not really helped in anyway — just brought frustration.

I am sorry for all you readers who were thinking about Dexcom and then read this post.  Don’t make a decision based on this post!  It could be a myriad of different things unrelated to the Dexcom and I am not convinced it’s a horrible system.  I just need some time to learn its personality…right now it doesn’t have one.


2 responses to “Talk Story Tuesday — Just One of Those Days.

  1. Yes I am (thinking about Dexcom) and no I won’t (let it affect my decision). From what I can tell, it’s a far superior system to the one I’m using now. When they release a version that doesn’t require me to carry a separate receiver, they’ll probably have me.

    • It’s just been a crazy week. After I wrote the post it actually started to calm down (figures) but we’ll see. I am not ready to give up yet!

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