Memorial Day — Half Staff

This is a repost of a blog I had (I guess I still do…) a while back.  But today, on Memorial day, I find quite appropriate.  You may not support the military or war or having arguments, but please, at least realize these men and women left loved ones, families and friends behind who loved them and are hurting.  Thank you.

To a military kid there is no sight more disturbing and distressing then the Flag at half-mast.  For some reason every time I see Old Glory flying low my mind instantly goes to the people who died.  I may not even know who it honors, as was the case yesterday, but it doesn’t matter.  Just the image itself stops me and bids me honor those who have died.  It symbolizes the mourning of a nation, a tragedy great enough to reverently lower the pride of a country into a position of sorrow.  9/11, the Oklahoma bombings, D-day, December 7, 1941, for all of these the Flag is lowered in respect.  Even if you don’t know who died or don’t remember the day, that simple gesture is enough to make you pause, remember and say a prayer.

For the armed services it symbols the loss of a comrade, a buddy at arms.  Whether it was 60 years ago or 8, it doesn’t matter.  Our Flag is a prized possession, worthy of respectful treatment so when lowered to the humiliating position of half-staff, it becomes the greatest act of respect for any individual.  Equivalent to a king bowing to thank a peasant, humiliating in gesture, but honoring in meaning.  It bows to all that have died, those that paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom in a world where freedom is becoming a lost prize.  Even while flying low the Flag still bravely waves for all those who are still serving.  Respect and honor, remembering those before and honoring those to come.  And when I see the Stars and Stripes at half-mast, I wonder and pray.


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