Dexcom G4 — First Experiences

This is not a how-to, or even that informational.  I may do that later, but as I am not even wearing my new toy right now, I will tell how I came to be not wearing it.

Does anyone else think the name of this version is little funky?  G4.  I kinda liked the Seven more.  Sounded better.  It sounds like the Seven is the newer one.  I mean, if you were a brand new CGM-er wouldn’t you think it was the newer one?  I did.  Maybe I’m weird.

Anyway, details details!

I received my Dexcom last Thursday and it sat on the counter till Saturday when I finally had the nerve to insert it.  I know, I’m a wimp, but I just didn’t want to invest emotionally into starting a new system!  I know I am not alone in this.  Sometimes you’re just not there, and you don’t want to be.

By Saturday I was there, I was ready.  Last time I started something like this was my pump, eight years ago.  I had a very nice lady come and walk me through each step and help me insert my first site.  Dexcom doesn’t roll like that.  They are all about independence and “some assembly required”.  For a 20-something diabetic nearing her tenure…it’s still nerve-wracking!!  You mean I’m supposed to do it by myself?!

Of course I didn’t say that out loud.  That would blow my BS cover.  (I can BS my way through just about anything)

Getting over my insecurity issues, I followed all the directions and successfully inserted my first sensor site!  After a little Suite Life “Yay me!” moment (anybody?), I was cool.  It was simple and clearly laid out.  I didn’t feel there were any blanks I needed to fill in in terms of the process.  I didn’t prep my skin in any way because I am BA like that, simply because I don’t have any current prep wipes.  I don’t use them on my pump sites and have never had a problem so I figured how different could a CGM be?

Diabetes has an annoying way of hearing those statements and knocking us on our butts for them.  Boy was I ever wrong.

I made it to three days before ripping the sensor right off my leg while taking off my pants.  Typical.  For you non-diabetics out there, you just don’t understand.  It’s like having your legs on backwards…everything’s familiar, but at the same time, it’s brand new (that was a horrible analogy).  I went through this when I was on shots for a week.  I never realized how many involuntary movements I made to compensate for the pump, until the pump wasn’t there and I was simply swiping at an empty space on my hip.  Three days is not enough time to learn this new dance.  And the sensor was going anyway.

I’ve gotten smart and ordered some Skin-Tac, which, according to the D-blog community, is sticky as all get up, and will try again on Thursday when it arrives.


My cool new friends Big G and Little G. Little G is not on me. Which is sad.


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