Talk Story Tuesday — Deja Vu

We send all of our prayers and support to Moore, Oklahoma right now as they deal with one of the most devastating storms in remembered history.  Two elementary schools leveled, countless lives loss, a 30 square-mile swath of devastation.  30 square miles.  From a tornado.  It’s horrifying.

Oh wow.  I am going really low.  I think I’m low.

Her head waggles drunkenly as she looks at me, smiling lopsidedly.

Well, talking about it is not going to help, you need to eat something.

I don’t know what to do.  What do I dooooo–?

How about some milk?  And maybe some of the (protein rich) greek yogurt cream cheese–?

My and her next words are cut off as she put her head down on the keyboard, giggling.  I can’t help but laugh with her when I realize what tickled her so…This exchange sounds familiar.

Life in a house with a diabetic and a hypoglycemic.

photo (3)


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