Out of School, Back to Real World

I feel last week was school-like in its regularity.  Everyday we had an assignment that we completed on a certain topic.  It was controlled, it was formulaic…it had structure.  And I miss it.

Now I have to venture back out on my own!  This is good for me though.  It’s just easier to write when someone is telling you exactly what to write about and you have a myriad of other contributors against which you compare your contribution.

Alright, no more funny business.

A couple of things happened while we were deep in the world of Blog Week.

I got confirmation on my application to be medical staff at the Colorado ADA Camp for Kids with Diabetes — Yay!  I am really excited about this opportunity to help kids learn how to navigate their diabetes independently.  It is such an important step for kids with diabetes, to own their condition and take responsibility for keeping themselves healthy.  What better way than removing the normal environment of parental oversight and providing a safe environment in which they can work out for themselves how to do this thing?  SAFE environment being the key word there.

I received and started my CGM — I know!  Exciting!  Okay, but seriously, it’s pretty sweet.  This is sort of the final piece in my being comfortable going out and applying for EMT and Emergency Management positions.  I really don’t need it for control’s sake (although it can always be better right?), but I am looking forward to not needing to pull out my meter before I do anything.  I know, the CGM should not be used in decision making processes, but, come on…It’s better than having nothing.  I forsee using it primarily for double-checking what I’m feeling and, super important, where I’m headed.  That is the most crucial aspect of the information.  More detailed post definitely to come later!

I connected with the local Red Cross Disaster and Emergency Response Director — I’ve been meaning to do this for two or three weeks now and this last week it finally happened!  As we talked she understood my desire to start at the ground-level regarding disaster response and recommended I volunteer on a Disaster Action Team.  These teams are mobilized on any emergency to help the families displaced.  They provide supplies, information, clear heads, and the start of a plan.  This excites me.  I can do this and I can do it well.  So I started that process this week.  I am not sure how long before I am actually deployable, but it didn’t sound like it would be long.

I am excited for all these pieces to be coming together for my summer.  Do you have any thing you’re excited about this summer?


2 responses to “Out of School, Back to Real World

  1. Wow! I was interested when I read that you were going to be a medical staff at a kids’ camp. I was kinda jealous to read that you now have a CGM (we’re still waiting for the Dexcom in Canada). But I was really impressed when I read that you are volunteering to be part of a disaster response team. That’s pretty awesome and I’m looking forward to reading all about those adventures.

    • Thanks Celine! The CGM is definitely to help with the disaster response part, and it’s funny how different countries are particular about different things. I feel like with your lifestyle a CGM would be awesome!

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