Day 3 — Memories



Today we’re going to share our most memorable diabetes day. You can take this anywhere…. your or your loved one’s diagnosis, a bad low, a bad high, a big success, any day that you’d like to share.

I am sitting here racking my brain for the memorable moment.  The funniest incident that I could share and receive all the accolades.  Then I realized…the most memorable occurrence of my diabetic career was a result of my idiocy.  There go the allusions of grandeur.

For five summers in high school and college I worked at a summer camp up with northwestern Montana.  One of the weeks I was assigned to be the “counselor” (we called them facilitators) to five high school girls.  Now, my diabetic career at camp was stellar up until this point, no accidents, no drama, no grand missteps resulting in much grief.  Until that day.  That fateful day…

There was this river, a raft, and a long stretch of no whitewater.  I had a wonderfully safe, dry, comfortable dry-box and bag sitting in the bottom of the raft.  I swear!  I had it.  It just didn’t do my pump much good as I flipped backwards off the side of the raft into the river…wearing my pump.  Now, unlike you uber-cool Animas wearers who are chuckling with self-satisfied glee right now, my Medtronic is water-resistant meaning, “Don’t ever.  Ever.  Ever.  Get it anywhere near water.  Ever.”  Fifteen minutes down the river it was the first time I had sworn out loud in the hearing range of campers.  As I clambered back in the raft, I didn’t even look at my poor waterlogged friend.  I knew it was hopeless.  No amount of rice in Ziploc bags could revive his soggy brain.  I had killed him.

Needless to say the next couple of days were a crazy whirlwind of needles, Lantus prescriptions, desperate phone calls, and very little “facilitating”.  My poor group that week saw very little of me.  Because I had gone swimming with my pump.

Yeah, I do believe that is the story I tell most people, making it my most memorable moment.  I hope you enjoyed and maybe you can top my stupidity with a story of your own!


6 responses to “Day 3 — Memories

    • Thanks! I wandered over and read your Day 3 post as well. What a cool story! Congrats on turning the day into something so positive.

  1. I don’t know if I can top it, but I can come close. It was this time last year (during DBlogweek, actually) and I was on vacation in California. I had just gotten an AquaPak (which lots of people use to protect their Medtronic pumps in water, despite it not being advised) and was excited about swimming without disconnecting.

    So…with pump safely secured in Aquapak, I confidently keep my electronic devices in my suimsuit pocket and step in the hot tub. After about three seconds, I realize that was the end of my brand new cellphone.

    A few hours later, my pump was still pumping, but I realized the hot water in the tub had killed my insulin. Live and learn…

    • Wow! I could totally see myself doing that, just subconsciously extending any waterproof-ness to all of the devices I am wearing. I have also personally known people who have “boiled” their insulin in hot tubs — you’re not the only one!

  2. Yikes! I think that is one of the most frustrating things about having an insulin pump-having to avoid it getting wet especially if you are active and like doing things in the water. Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s funny because I don’t normally think about it (I tend to use it as an excuse to NOT wear my pump) but that day…I REALLY didn’t think about it!

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