I’m excited.

There are a couple things I’m excited about:

1.  This little guy right here.  For the last couple of weeks, as you know, I’ve been struggling with persistent lows.  Really persistent.  I was getting tired of eating an additional meal after every traditional meal.  In light of this wonderful problem, I adjusted my correction ratio to correct less…harshly, shall we say.  And it worked!  I’ve been waking up with the most normal numbers I’ve had in a long while, even when I was on the CGM.  That right there, makes me happy.  And the only bad highs I’ve been experiencing have been completely traceable to some failure on my part, so, we’re good all around!

Blog Post3

2.  You don’t how badly I want there to be a picture for the next one.  But I didn’t feel like pilfering the Dexcom website just for an image.  My Dexcom is on its way!  Again, I’m very excited about this, although this excitement is tinged with something akin to nervousness.  What if I never get used to the sensor?  What if I can’t find any good skin?  Overall I am delighted, but we’ll see what’s what when it gets here.



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