Talk Story Tuesday — Photos!

Over this last weekend, my sister-in-law, who is basically a professional photographer, was gracious enough to take some shots of me for various purposes, including primarily this blog!  We had a great time and I loved how she captured the ‘feel’ I wanted.  Because I’m usually holding the camera for various events I realized I have no “nice” pictures of me past my high school senior shots and those were weird because they polished me…I didn’t like it enough to be putting them out there again.  I am also in a place where the way I present myself in a professional capacity is important.  For that reason my Linked in page was sorely lacking in the photo department — a problem which has now been remedied!

So, in the next week I am planning on revamping the site by adding pictures an such, but here’s a quick preview!

Blog Collage

Blog Collage 2

Hi! That’s me, many of you have never seen me.  Now you have a face to picture as you read the words!  I’m not sure if that helps or not…

I hope your Tuesdays are going well!


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