Snowy Spring Days…

It makes me so sad to have to add another addendum regarding loss of life to yet another post.  The fertilizer plant explosion yesterday in West, Texas was enormous.  They say the blast was felt up to 30 miles away.  5-15 people are dead with many of those volunteer firefighters who had responded to the call for a fire.  A nearby apartment building was leveled as well as a nursing home.  While the Boston Marathon tragedy struck at the heart of America, this explosion was horribly sad as it mostly likely was an accident and quite bigger.  Let’s rally around this small town in Texas with the same love and support as the Boston Marathon, I dare say they need it more.


So here we are, April 18th, and there are three inches of snow outside.  I keep hearing that April is one of our snowiest months, but wouldn’t it be nice for tradition to be bucked just this once?  Is that too much to ask?

Spring Snow

Spring on the inside…winter on the outside.

Oh, I also wanted to share some pictures of my new meter bag!  My mom and I went out and picked out some fun fabric to update the ‘ol blood snatcher’s sack.  Because, let’s be honest, those meter cases are hideous and every time I pull it out I feel like a weird person with a disease…Oh, wait, that’s what I am.  But I don’t have to LOOK like one!  I like the end result.  It’s compact, fits everything I need (including the giant strip bottle), and, above all, it’s cute.  Oh, and I don’t have to worry about everything spilling out when I open my case now.  It’s the little things.

Meter Bag


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