One Week Later…

rad_zoom_00006“So, what you’d think?”

“Umm, it was good.  It took some getting used to the first couple of days, I was checking like crazy, but after a while, once I understood it, it made more sense.  For the first couple of days I really didn’t trust it at all-“

“No, of course you didn’t!  That trust has to be formed between you and the device.  You don’t just automatically accept something new, especially in regards to your diabetes!”

After five days with Dexy we had formed a tenuous trust relationship.  He told me which direction I was heading and approximately where my BG might be, and I trusted him.

For the next couple of days after parting ways, I was surprised by what my number did and how erratic it seemed without the trending arrows and graphs to smooth it out.  I hadn’t realized how much better the CGM had made my control.  I hadn’t even thought about it, till it was no longer there.  To me, that’s the sign of a wonderful device.  My control will probably be fine without the CGM, in fact, I know it will be, but if it can be any tighter, if I can feel less crappy because of my BG?  I’m all in because…

For those five days I caught a glimpse how my life would be impacted by the presence of a CGM, and I cannot see being able to work as an EMT without it.  I guess that’s the bottom line for me, whether I think it would benefit my ability to work.  The thought of running twelve hour shifts, eight plus calls, being constantly in motion and dealing with inconsistent meals without a CGM is frightening.  It’s frightening for me, for my partners, and ultimately, for my patients.

I know it will still be an adjustment.  I will have to find my rhythm of sensor sights (everybody has one, the pattern in which they move various sites around their body), I will have to accommodate for having a sensor on my skin (how to remove clothing and such without ripping it out…), and I will have to get to know my new friend (likes, dislikes, tendencies, and temperament, trust me, they all have one).

A couple of things that are supposed to be different about the updated G4 Dexcom:

–          An increased sensor range.  The Seven had a range of about three meters, the G4’s range is six meters!  Yay!

–          Super increased accuracy.  It’s true, super increased.

–          A slightly larger sensor.  By slightly larger they mean less than half a centimeter difference.  I’ve heard for people switching from the Seven to the G4 it was noticeable, but I doubt it will be a problem for me.

–          Colors.  I know, the color thing again, but it’s true!  I’ll probably end up getting black anyways, but options are nice.

So, right now I’m in contact with Dexcom about getting their G4 CGM, and I should be getting a phone call in the next couple of days!!  It’s all happening kind of fast but it’s nice how prompt Dexcom was about responding to the information I sent.

Updates to come!   


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