New Meter — Bayer Contour Next

This is a long post, but it has pictures!

It’s color!

That was my first thought when I first checked on the Bayer Contour Next Meter.  I know, childish and petty, but oh so true!  I’ve been using my One Touch Ultra for years now and I trust it with my life, literally.  I’ve had no reason to doubt its simple, straightforward, black and white numbers and it’s taken me through some adventures, but all good things must come to an end.  When Barbara Davis called me about receiving a Bayer for free, I leapt at the opportunity.  One: it was a brand new meter and free.  Two: it connected to my Medtronic pump which was a reason I hadn’t gotten a new meter before.  Three: did I mention that it was NEW? And fun?

Okay, so I was excited about this new addition, but I’m not the head-over-heels type, at least not till this new device has earned my trust.  I received the meter mid-February and immediately began using it; however, I also checked side-by-side with my trusty, black and white OneTouch.

121 – 120

Okaaaay…one agreement does not a point prove.

90 – 95

Really? Okay, not bad, feeling better.

100 – 100

DING! DING! DING!  And done.  Signed, sealed, and delivered.  You, my new, thin, colorful blood snatcher, have earned my trust.  A week or two later I ran out of the strips that came with the meter and so my new friend had to go back into the drawer till I could get a new prescription.  That happened last week and now I am officially using my new-er(ish) Bayer meter! Yay!

A couple of side-by-sides between the Bayer and the OneTouch…

The Bayer is smaller, much smaller.  I mean, look at it!  It’s like half the size of the OneTouch.  And since I’m all about reducing the diabetes crap that I lug around, this is wonderful.


It’s so little!

The case is funky.  It’s like they made the strip bottle too big for the case and decided to not worry about it.  The OneTouch always had a nice case that made sense.  The Bayer?  I can’t figure it out at all.  No biggie though, because I won’t be using the case much longer…(that was supposed to be suspenseful)

photo_1 (2)

Massive. Really?


That’s where I store used strips…Yep. And who actually uses those elastic strips? Anyone?

The Bayer is more like a blood sipper, compared to the blood-guzzler that is my OneTouch.  I could easily say the blood sample required is half.  And for someone who checked 85 times in the last six days, that’s right, 85, I’m all about giving my poor fingers a break. (The tech who downloaded my meter when I returned the loaner CGM gave me a high-five when I told him what my fingers looked like.  Us diabetics are a weird, lovable bunch.)

photo_2 (2)

See? Tiny spot of blood. I had some left over..

I have to push buttons?  In order to get the number to my pump, I have to push two buttons, TWO.  My OneTouch never required such decision from me.  It snatched my blood and five seconds later spit out a number that was immediately shot over to my pump, no mess, no fuss.  Now, just to see my number, I have to determine whether this is a pre or post-meal number. (I usually just hit “no comment” I love the irony of that)  Then when it finally (all five seconds later) gives up my number I have to push ANOTHER button to send it to my pump.  Really this isn’t that bad, but I’m feeling dramatic.  It’s actually nice to push the “Don’t Send” button, it’s like I am sneaking around on my Medtronic.  For the longest time, my pump has been all-knowing and now it has to rely on me!  It gives me some form of pleasure.


193…Hey, I just ate! And yes, I did send it to my pump.

The Bayer resides in the 21st century, it has a USB!  I think that is cool.  I don’t know whether I’m going to use it or not (I have yet to embrace the at-home downloading), but at least they made it simple.  I remember a couple of meters ago there was a horrible cord you had to use that inserted into the strip port!  Anybody else have that?

Joining the rest of technology are we?

Joining the rest of technology are we?

It recharges!  I know, exciting!  No more running to the dusty watch battery counter and trying to remember which number/letter combination won’t blow up your meter.  Ah, good times.  I charged this baby up when I got it two months ago, used it for two weeks, then shoved it in a drawer till yesterday, and the battery still appears fresh.

Okay, I’ll stop now, but I hope that gives some first-hand information about the Bayer Contour Next.


5 responses to “New Meter — Bayer Contour Next

  1. New reply to an old blog post — I know. Just thought I’d let you know that you can set it to automatically beam the results to the pump without pressing any buttons. You can also turn off the tagging feature (the before/after meal), which I’ve done because – since I download the BG results via the pump and not the meter itself, a subsequent carb bolus will tell if it’s “before meal”. And speaking of downloading, that’s what the USB is so good about — it works with Carelink to download stuff from the pump; I’ve never used it to download directly from the meter.

    And finally, if you tap that little MENU button twice (the button that’s hidden under the strap, unless you’ve requested a new and improved [read: better but still mediocre]) the test strip port lights up. Cool, huh?

    Overall, like you, I like this meter. A lot more than my UltraLink.

    • So, I didn’t know about the light, that’s pretty cool. For whatever reason my meter doesn’t have the option to automatically send the results (the only options are “never” or “ask me”). Maybe I should read the owner’s manual…How boring would that be though?

      • Odd; I go to Setup > Pump Options (OK) > Send Options > Change, then the three choices are Always / Ask Me / Never. I’m surprised yours doesn’t have that. For what it’s worth, I got mine late last year, so if anything – it’s older.

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