I don’t know anything.

This post was written a couple of days ago, but I wanted to keep current on what I was experiencing.

So after a couple of days attached to my arranged marriage I realized, I’m arrogant and this guy’s kicking my butt.  I mean, seriously?!  I’ve decided that knowing my own body’s business every five minutes is really not that great.  Especially when I still have to check before I do anything.  My poor fingers have never looked this diabetic-ish.  My trending arrows tend to be accurate which will be helpful in the future.

A couple things I’ve noticed about this particular CGM:

  1. It really likes going low.  I mean REALLY likes it.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been alerted by that already annoying rumble to the fact that I falling like the proverbial stone only to find my meter number twenty to thirty points higher than my CGM.  According to my research, this occurrence makes me weird.  Usually a CGM is behind a falling BG not the other way around.  It feels like my body will alert Dexy I’m starting to go low and Dexy takes this generous hint as permission jump off a cliff while my BG is still parachuting waiting for the crazy one to realize he’s…crazy.  Yay for me!  I can already look at my CGM insisting that I should be flat-out and pretty accurately guess what my actual BG is.
  2. My mornings are annoying.  I’m pretty used to correcting before I go to bed and waking up with a BG around 65 or 70, no biggie, if it falls any lower than that during the night I wake up.  For whatever reason, I have been blessed with a ridiculously sensitive body that can wake me out of deep sleep.  Anyway, the first night I actually wore the CGM through the night, it woke me up at 4:30a to tell me my BG was falling below my low alert (i.e. 70).  Knowing that Dexy likes to go low (meaning my BG is probably more like 90ish), I ignored it and tried to fall back asleep.  No such luck.  For the next three hours I was literally alerted every fifteen to thirty minutes about my falling BG.  At one point my CGM simply gave up and told me snottily, “LOW – check you big idiot and fix me”.  Unbeknownst to my rather rude partner, I had checked and the lowest I had gone was 69, so I simply canceled my basal for the next hour and finally got my belligerent CGM to quiet and come back up to the land of sane devices.  We’re going to have to figure something out because I won’t let him ruining my mornings for what I know are false alarms.
  3. My nights are funked out.  I really don’t understand it.  This morning, Dexy woke me up at a reasonable 7:00a to tell me my number was plummeting.  Okay, whatever, I slept for about 45 more minutes before realizing my CGM was telling me 45, so my BG was probably actually low enough to warrant a response.  As I looked back at my night, it looked quite weird, ups and downs all over the place.  I’m thinking, “Wow, my BG has a pretty wicked party while I’m sleeping!”  Ups, downs, never more than twenty, twenty-five point swings, but still quite recognizable as peaks and valleys.  At one point apparently my CGM fell to 50, meaning I slept right through about three alarms (fabulous), but no biggie, it corrected itself about fifteen minutes later.  Wait, what?!  It corrected itself?  How does that happen?  I can see going low during the night, but coming back up all by itself?  Is my absorption really that erratic or is my CGM simply crazy?  I don’t know, really.  But obviously it wasn’t an actual low because my super low detector didn’t find it necessary to wake me.  Another clue is the lack of trending arrow when I first ignored the low alert.  Apparently this usually means that my BG is changing so erratically that Dexy just gives up trying to figure out where it’s headed.  Makes sense if my number was really changing as often as it shows (which I’m still not inclined to believe…)

That’s all I can think of right now, I have another post about my overall thoughts after returning Dexy coming soon!


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